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Vegan friendly beauty without compromise: Dear Heart Soaps

Dear Heart vegan friendly beauty products are made with love, for you.

With Dear Heart Soaps, choosing vegan does not mean sacrificing what feels good on your skin and hair. We have combined the benefits of plant-based ingredients with the natural aromas of essential oils to create beautifully made, divinely scented vegan beauty essentials that feel and smell amazing.

From our pH balanced, 100% soap-free vegan shampoo bars to our handcrafted vegan soap collection, not to mention our nourishing lip and body balms, you can have confidence in our careful selection of organic plant-based ingredients and quality essential oils and organic fragrances that go into our vegan beauty range.

Our promise: the best vegan hair and beauty products we can create

The Dear Heart brand was created out of the desire to not only formulate the best vegan hair and beauty products, but to also offer something more experiential. This is reflected in our luxury shampoo bars and handcrafted soap collections. Our shampoo bars were created to reduce the amount of plastic bottles we buy as consumers, whilst still celebrating the wonderful sensation of a salon quality shampoo.

Our aim was to craft a collection of vegan soaps New Zealanders will love using as much as we do. We hope you are delighted by the soap heart centre and randomly selected inspirational quote contained in each box.

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A conversation with Karen Haig, founder of the Dear Heart vegan beauty brand.

Hi, I'm Karen. I've been handcrafting bath and body products for over 20 years and have always been passionate about essential oils, natural ingredients, wellbeing and caring for our planet.

I started making products in 2001, gifting then selling them to friends and later on shops, when I was living in Australia. It was my side-hustle while I was working part-time in management. Eventually the management role became full time and I found myself missing this creative outlet.

How did Dear Heart come into being?

Dear Heart was launched officially in November 2020. In 2018 I started to think about making products again and got a lot of inspiration in a very short space of time and followed my intuition to create Dear Heart.

"Courage Dear Heart" is a quote by Mark Twain.

What was your motivation with starting Dear Heart?

Apart from wanting to return to making body products, I saw a gap in the market. So many natural bath and body products were presented in home-made packaging or packaging that was too rustic.

I wanted a handcrafted product in high-end packaging. Having some foil elements were essential to achieving this look and feel.

What do you love most about the business?

My favourite part of running Dear Heart is putting the naked soaps into their boxes and inserting the inspiration quote in each box. I can't help but read them all and think about the person receiving it.

I also love the juxtaposition between making the soap which is a very old-fashioned process and then making a shampoo bar which is a completely new and different formulation.

What separates the Dear Heart range from other vegan soaps and shampoo bars?

Handcrafted product in high quality packaging. Vegan doesn't have to represent making a sacrifice. With Dear Heart, you have a quality beauty product in luxurious foil packaging. The hidden heart in the centre of the soaps, inspirational quotes in every soap box which is reminiscent of a fortune cookie. It's designed to delight.

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Karen Haig