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Finding a lip balm that works

Finding a lip balm that works

There was a time when I constantly had to have a certain vanilla scented lip balm in a little white pot constantly on my lips. The moment the balm wore off, my lips would peel and bled. Wearing lipstick was out of the question because my lips were in such poor condition without the balm and I really was at my wits end.

What is an occlusive formula?

Little did I know that I was wearing an occlusive balm made entirely from petroleum. It was sitting on my lips like a layer of plastic wrap, not being absorbed at all, and not allowing my lips to breathe and heal. The smell as delicious but the formulation was letting my lips down.

Why are natural lip balms better?

It took me a few years to realise that not all lip balms were made alike, and back in the day, petroleum balms were the only ones available. Slowly more and more natural balms came on the market and I realised the secret to keeping my lips in prime condition. And the best part was, I didn’t have to keep constantly applying it.

Natural lip balms allow your lips to breathe while the natural vegetable and fruit oils condition your lips.

Apply your lip balm before bed

My best advice to apply your lip balm just before falling asleep so that your lips can benefit from a good eight hours of hydration.

Lip Scrub Tip

There's no need to purchase a separate lip scrub. Simply put some balm or oil on your lips, then some dry sugar and rub it around. Rinse with water and apply your balm as usual.

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